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Try These Cheap Grilling Ideas Your Family Will Love

Try These Cheap Grilling Ideas Your Family Will Love

You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your favorite grilling recipes. In fact, there are many cheap grilling ideas that can be used for a variety of meats. You will be amazed by the fact that the fish, chicken and steaks that have serious taste are cheap. If you're spending all your cash on a quality porter house cut, choose an inexpensive cut such as a side steak or skirt steak or boned chicken breast. You can also choose chicken thighs, legs, drumsticks and even save some serious cash. You'll find that saving $ 50 to $ 80 to cut meat better means you can grill more often for a week.

My cheap grill idea is as follows.

  • Cheap meat cuts
  • Pizza baked pizza
  • Make your own rub, marinade and sauce
  • How much meat can be increased with homemade kebabs, so more people can eat.
  • Roast potatoes for potato bar night
  • Create a vegan barbecue
  • Make your own salad and skip the deli.
  • Invest in barbecue grills that do not need to be replaced every season.
  • Hot dog with hamburger patties

Budget tasting

As you can see, there are many options to help you save money, so you can easily burn at low prices for frequent or more people Paying for the past season I was doing.

If you eat hot dogs, if you eat hamburgers while cooking, you and your family get tired of this kind of food pretty quickly. However, if you are on a budget, you can only buy the basics and there are many ways to improve the taste of your burger. But how? Make burger patties with blue cheese dressing, cut bacon, slice onions and mix the ingredients in the patties before baking to be creative.

Divide the length of the hot dog and pour it to make it more delicious. Small barbecue sauce on the top. You can also try chicken or turkey dogs, but most people insist on beef hot dogs because they pack more flavor.

If you use cheap chicken meat like thighs, you can spice it up overnight. To improve flavor. Don't be afraid to be creative.

Large portion grill

 Dish cooking

When planning meals for a week, bake more food per meal than usual. This leaves food available for the next evening. You can also save fuel costs by firing the grill once so you can cook enough food for a few days. If you are concerned about the taste of food when reheating, it may not taste as good as freshly baked meat, but it is definitely better than the food cooked on the stove.

Please freely come to the top to reheat. Carefully wrap the meat with marinade, barbecue sauce or a little water and cook in the oven for 5 minutes. The meat will taste better the next day, but if you want to stretch for a day or two, use the meat as tacos, cook casserole or stir-fry, or add grilled meat to a large meat salad

Make your own rub, sauce and marinade

It is very convenient to purchase pre-made barbecue sauce, rub and marinade, but it can be expensive, especially if you throw a big backyard barbecue. So why not learn to make it yourself? My personal rub is basically mixing certain spices in a bowl. Most marinades and sauces have the same base as tomato sauce. Adding other ingredients such as peach or mango, garlic, and onion freezes and thaws as needed, and you will have a large amount of barbecue sauce that will last the whole baking season.

Saving fuel

Waste a lot of fuel, especially when burning, especially on the best portable charcoal grills. We often pour too much charcoal into the grill, but you don't really need to use a full bag of charcoal every time you grill. You need about 4 pounds of charcoal to prepare a meal for up to 6 people.

If you have a gas grill and cook meat slowly, just set the grill. After the meat is on the grill for the first 10 minutes, you can lower the meat and cook slowly. After cooking, double check that the gas is completely blocked. To learn more about how to prepare barbecue dishes, click here to read my guide to smoking meat.

Butcher shop is your new best friend

If you are wise, have a good time at your local supermarket butcher. These can soon be a clue to the sale, so you can plan what kind of meat you will grill for a week. They will also tell you which cuts are good and which are generally unpopular.

Don't spend money on new grills

You don't have to spend a few thousand dollars. On the new grill. However, you need to ensure that the grill you buy does not have to be replaced next season. It's a good idea to buy a grill that's enough for your family to use. If you enjoy a lot, you need a model with a larger baking surface. Cuisinart CGG-7400 full size gas grill is a big purchase. It is an inexpensive model and provides enough space on the grill surface for multitasking. Its robust construction prevents it from falling over easily. Basically, this is a reliable option to draw or smoke almost anything.

The ultimately chosen grill should be considered an investment, so we want a model that lasts as long as possible. However, the life of the grill may be affected by care or lack. The grill must be cleaned before and after use. Wipe the grill surface to remove dried meat and debris. If you take care of the grill properly, you can make it last year.

Other grill options

The grilling season is the perfect place to gather family and friends for good food and quality time, and barbecue is the perfect way. year. We plan to host a lot of backyard events this season, but if your budget matters, there are plenty of great dining ideas that can actually save you hundreds of dollars during the grill season.

In new take hot dogs

If your budget is low, hot dogs are the cheapest option. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile to decorate your original, boring and boring grilling options, you can easily make your own gourmet hot dog. Use a different type of hot dog or choose some idiot. You can also make a baseball-style dog and mayonnaise and sri ratcha sauce with sauerkraut and pickled vegetables. Top with avocado sauce and cheese, or use homemade barbecue sauce.


Kebab is a great choice because it uses vegetables and meat equally, so you can add more meat. Use seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers and large onion chunks, then add just a few pieces of meat. You can also use cheap meat like side steak or stew meat for this purpose. Easily eat up to 8 people for a portion of the cost of grilling chicken breasts or cutting more expensive beef with 2 pounds of stew meat and fresh produce.

Pizza on the Grill [19659036]   Pizza

It may sound unusual, but baked pizza is really good. Crispy and fresh, but the taste is a cheaper option than steak steak. You can buy pre-made pizza dough or make your own. Then bake the homemade pizza in minutes. You can also be creative with toppings and reduce costs by using fresh seasonal vegetables.

Grilled vegetables

If you want to save a lot of money on your next barbecue, a vegetarian or vegan grilled chestnut. Obviously, protein is the most expensive item on the menu when throwing barbecues together. Creating a meat-free menu can easily save over $ 50 to $ 100 depending on the number of people eating the food. Instead of making meat steaks, grill mushroom burgers or cauliflower steaks. Grill fresh asparagus and corn on the cob. Slowly bake potatoes and make a baked potato bar. You can also grill vegetable kebabs, stuffed peppers, and more.

Creating your own side dish

Buying deli and all the side dishes can be especially blessed if your busy 9 to 5 jobs, children and home care for you. Especially if you are cooking for a few or more people. But, as you already know, buying salads and side dishes from Delhi can actually add up. So plan ahead and make your own macaroni salad, potato salad, green salad, cabbage salad and fruit salad. By making your own side dish, you can customize the ingredients to complement the type of meat you are grilling.


What is barbecue without appetizer? You can make simple and cheap appetizers like chips and salsa, homemade avocado sauce or garlic bread. This will help guests reduce the cost of grilling as they fill this cheap appetizer instead of expensive grilled meat.

Related Questions

What is a BBQ for a large crowd?

Number of options. You don't have to cook roasting or brisket slowly, grill burgers and hot dogs, make kebabs, or bake a few pizzas at all.

What is the best meat for the barbecue?

Everyone loves delicious steak or grilled chicken breast. Be creative and even prepare gourmet hot dogs and stuffed hamburger patties. Slow cooked meats such as whole chicken or beef brisket is another option and is an option to save you some serious cash. Part of the price used for weekly backyard barbecues. You can also enjoy freshly baked meat and vegetables for a few days a week.

If you make a rub, sauce and sauce, you can actually save cash. Making friends with local butchers and choosing cheap cuts will save you fortune during the baking season. If you plan your next barbecue carefully and follow the tips included here, you can enjoy grilling more often, saving hundreds of dollars each season.

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