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Two-Burner Urban Gas Grill that Uses Infrared Heating

Two-Burner Urban Gas Grill that Uses Infrared Heating
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Almost everyone is familiar with the name Char-Broil. They are one of the biggest names in the world of barbecue and can be found throughout North America and Europe. And luckily, you don't need a big backyard to cook with one. Today we will examine the relatively small TRU-Infrared 340 urban gas grill.

Char-Broil Gas Grill Review: Notable Features


  • You can use propane or natural gas
  • Small size
  • Hot plate by infrared radiation
  • Folding shelves
  • Integrated thermometers
  • Integrated sparker


  • Requires pre-heating
  • Not large enough for large parties [19659016] Heavy

The 340 Urban Gas Grill is a full-featured gas barbecue built on a compact footprint. Not everyone has room for a massive grill, so this one only has two burners and folding shelves. And despite its footprint, the 340 is not light, literally or figuratively.


When space is at a premium, the 340's folding shelves can be a lifesaver. A set of locking caster wheels also allows you to move the grill as needed. Lamination is also important because this model is quite heavy for a two-burner grill: 77 lbs.

However, it still has a reasonable cooking space. The 340 square inches of main grill space and the 125 square inch heating shelf are more than enough for a family. Just don't expect it to serve great parties.

Versatile Fuel Options

Many gas powered grills are only made to run on propane, but Char-Broil's TRU infrared grills offer more versatility. If your home has an external natural gas line, the grill can be easily configured for that. Otherwise, you are very happy to accept the ubiquitous propane tanks. The under-grill cabinet can keep your tank out of sight and protected from the elements.

Infrared heating system

Most of us are used to gas grills that burners use to heat food directly. They can cook things quickly, but they are also prone to fat burns and excessive charring. Char-Broil tries to overcome these problems by adding an additional layer: a radiant barrier plate.

Gas burners heat the corrugated radiant plate. That dish, in turn, distributes the heat more evenly and heats your food by radiating that accumulated infrared energy. The result is a more uniform meal. In some cases, radiative heating also helps block more juices.

The main drawback to this is that it takes a little longer to heat up. A little more preheating will be required, which also means slightly higher fuel usage.

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Each of the two burners has its own control knob. However, unlike most grills, there is also a thermometer above each knob. This can give you a little more precision in terms of localized temperature.

Speaking of temperature, you get a wide range with the 340. It can run between 200 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Burners carry a 10 year Warranty. The firebox, grill, lid and emitters are covered for three years. All other parts have a one year warranty.

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