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Weber Genesis vs Spirit Series Comparison (Apr. 2020)

Weber Spirit II E-310

The Weber Spirit II E-310 has three burners with a combined output of 30,000 BTUs. This combined outlet paired with 529 square inches of cooking space that includes the main cooking area and warming rack can cook a meal for 5-7 people. The Spirit II E-310 features porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates that transfer heat very well and remain stiff and tough even after multiple cookouts. The grids are cleverly designed; They are reversible and have a wide or thin side to use when cooking. The wider grill is better for cooking more substantial steaks and cuts of meat. The thinner grid is better for more delicate meats or fish or fruits.

  Weber Genesis vs Spirit: Comparison of the two series

The Weber Spirit II E-310 has an open carriage design, and can find plenty of storage space located under the main cooking area. There is a pair of all-weather wheels to move the grill, and storage is simple. The fuel gauge is easy to read, so you won't be surprised or run out of fuel when cooking. The fuel tank sits on the side of the grill, and replacing it will only take a few seconds, allowing the user to continue cooking with minimal disruption.

There are a couple of side tables, which give the user enough space to cut the meat and season it to perfection. The left side table can be folded if you don't need the extra cooking area and if you need more space around the grill. The Spirit II E-310 has six hooks to store your broiling tools, and the entire broiling process feels organized.

Weber Genesis II E-310

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is the entry level grill on the Genesis line, yet still provides ample cooking space of 513 square inches. The cooking grates are made of cast iron and are porcelain enameled for better heat diffusion and durability. These cooking grates are reversible like those on the previous Spirit II E-310 with a thick, thin side. The combined heat output for the three large burners is 37,500 BTU. The warming rack can be extended or folded as needed, adding some versatility to the cooking process.

  Weber Genesis vs Spirit: Comparison of the two series

This grill also has an open cart design that allows the user to store their equipment below the cooking area principal. The fuel tank is located to the right of the grill and is covered for safety. However, it is easy to monitor the fuel level with a handheld gauge located directly in front of the Genesis II E-310. There are six convenient hooks for storing grill tools and a couple of side tables that offer more work space. But, on this grill, the left side table cannot be folded like the Spirit version shown above.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 has a pair of off-road wheels for easy movement and storage. The wheels are lockable, so when you're ready to cook, you have a stable and immobile cooking surface. Considering that the Genesis II E-310 is the least expensive grill in the Genesis line, it still offers a great deal of functionality for a relatively modest price.

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